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We started our business of consumer products in Nyaung Bin Lay Market in Yangon Myanmar in 1984 and in 1996 we started our business prospects to Tissue making and distribution. Again in 2002 we extended our business by making feminine towels.  Tissue City consumer product distribution distribute the high Quality products which are needed for people for their daily life.

Some of the places we distribute our consumer products are;
* City Mart Super Market
* Blazon Super Market
* Gamone Pwint Super Market
* Super One Super Market
* Kitchen Mart Super Market
* Orange Super Market and other Mini Market and many 
  places in Myanmar.
         Office : no g (190), ground floor, nyang pin lay plaza, lmdw, yangon, myanmar.
                tel : 226077, 210381, 210398, 211233-290, 095162550,  095162410